Graphic Designer

Design isn’t a piece of cake!

Since her arrival, Jessica has charmed us with her warmth and involvement in the social life at Les Manifestes. Let’s just say she has a knack for baking the best homemade cookies and apple pies, which she generously shares with the team. But beyond being a superb pastry chef, Jessica excels just as much at the drawing board. Coming from the cosmetics world, her background has endowed her with a keen sense of aesthetics and an incredible attention to detail. She may be as refined as the world’s finest pastries, yet she exudes warmth, much like a comforting pudding cake. In short, she’s the perfect ingredient our team was missing!


  • Packaging
  • Advertising campaign
  • Editing
  • Signs and signage
  • Graphic design
  • Brand image
  • Stationery
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