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We had the privilege (and the pleasure) of participating in the development of the visual identity and official poster for the 2024 edition of the National Holiday. This year's theme aimed to celebrate Quebec's ingenuity, the one that represents us here and elsewhere and makes us proud. The idea of stars came naturally: our rising stars, our shining stars, our shooting stars... (a nod to our Cowboys Fringants). Adding to this is the prominent witness to our numerous celebrations that unfold at dusk, where people gather in alleys, neighborhoods, parks, or even on the plains to celebrate: under the starry sky.

The illustration

How to illustrate this creative process to honor this grand national celebration? Our heroine is the star of the evening. Feminine curves, vintage skates for a touch of nostalgia and a symbol that is more than essential for the people of Quebec, with a fleur-de-lys appliqué integrated into the pattern of her pants to set the tone for the celebrations. Armed with her pennant, she heads to a neighborhood party using active transportation, there you go!

The branding of the National Holiday

The retro colors evoke a fashion style reminiscent of the good old days (to say the least, the 70s), transporting viewers on a nostalgic journey into the past while retaining a touch of modernity to anchor the illustration in Quebec's vibrant present. The fleur-de-lys has been subtly integrated into the illustration, an important symbol in the identity of the National Holiday.

The branding of the National Holiday
The variations

To celebrate the colorful theme of the 2024 National Holiday, over 900 inspiring variations will be seen throughout Quebec. From the iconic poster already revealed to t-shirts, various promotional items, and urban furniture, each variation vividly embodies the spirit and pride of Quebec. This year, immerse yourself in the vibrant expression of the collective identity of the National Holiday through a multitude of elements celebrating our rich heritage. Let's all come together under the stars on June 24th!

The variations
The variations
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