The Canadian Cancer Society

A successful campaign!

A successful campaign!background icon - target

30 days to get moving!

Here at the agency, we love to get involved in causes that are close to our hearts. That's why when the Canadian Cancer Society approached us to launch a campaign aimed at mobilizing older adults, it motivated us even more! In fact, our entire team signed up to participate in the Challenge, tracking our steps using the app. The "30 Days to Get Moving" Challenge was born: 30 days to adopt a healthier and more active lifestyle that could help prevent cancer and other surrounding diseases. This campaign, which was extensive and well-executed, allowed us to be creative at every level and resulted in the development of a highly effective product.

The Photo Session

It sounds like you're describing a setting for a photo shoot in a studio with a natural and bright atmosphere, aiming to match the emotional tone of the content. Given the challenges of traveling to an outdoor studio, you opted for an indoor photo session. You were drawn to a photo studio that offered a splendid setting reminiscent of a true urban jungle.

The videos

It must have been an emotionally intense yet incredibly enriching experience to receive the testimonies of these three women. This abundance of content will surely be invaluable for creating the web page for the event.

The social networks

A dedicated page for the event was established on the Active Transportation website, accompanied by several posts designed to promote the Challenge throughout the month. Thirty days later, our efforts proved fruitful, generating 3,483 clicks on the Facebook ads and directing traffic to the organization's website.

The social networks
The web page

We designed the web page in collaboration with the Society: a great partnership with the client. Following its launch, 3,800 visitors explored the content of the 30-day Challenge web page. We attribute the success of Transport Actif's page performance to our campaigns. The number of subscribers and impressions increased throughout the year, thereby impacting the visits to the challenge web page.

The toolbox

A promotional toolkit designed for our partners was developed, including ready-to-use visuals and texts to support the promotion efforts of the challenge. It contained a link to the main event along with visuals for sharing via email, newsletters, or social media.

The toolbox
Cible sombreStatistics

The analysis of data from our Facebook Ads campaigns reveals significant traffic to the webpage, with 3,483 clicks recorded. To put things into perspective, the average Click-Through Rate (CTR) for comparable Facebook ads is about 1%. The 30-Day Challenge achieved a CTR of 1.29%, which pleased everyone! Additionally, with a Cost Per Mille (CPM) of just $4.57 (compared to a general average around $7), our results speak for themselves: challenge successfully met! In summary, the impact of the strategy is tangible, as we managed to significantly increase impressions from both organic and paid posts, surpassing the performance observed in the previous period by a wide margin.

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