Web Developer

He’s disruptive, but we love it

A graduate in programming, Patrick Bélisle is truly passionate about his profession. Eager for knowledge, he wants to know and understand everything. Alongside Pascal, his mentor, he contributes to developing solutions that meet clients’ expectations according to the industry’s best standards. Highly committed to his work, he loves investigating when faced with the unknown, which is a considerable asset when solving a bug or proposing new solution paths. He thrives on both coffee and new challenges. As a video game enthusiast, it’s no surprise he enjoys tackling difficulty levels. The more a project involves complex features requiring development, the more stimulated he becomes. A philosopher at heart, he constantly surprises us with existential questions that push boundaries in all directions. This is his way of stimulating creativity and pulling us out of our comfort zone. Through his thought-provoking discussions at the agency, he’s often seen as disruptive, but we appreciate it!


  • Back-end programming
  • Front-end programming
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