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Maïa Institute is a company that was established in 2020. Aimed at expectant parents who are keen on trends, the institute offers them a unique sensory experience through high-end 3D-4D ultrasound concepts. They commissioned Les Manifestes to build their brand image, create their website, and assist with their market launch. Les Manifestes needed to create communication tools that represent this high-level sensory experience, focusing on a clean and modern concept.

The brand identity

L'Institut Maïa targets parents seeking experiences aligned with their lifestyle. Therefore, the brand identity developed is dynamic, trendy, and urban, appealing directly to the targeted audience: Generation X and Y parents in the Montreal suburbs. All graphical elements convey a sense of calm, vitality, and joy, mirroring the experience at the institute's locations. Soft pastel shades were updated subtly to evoke colors associated with childbirth. It felt natural for the logo and typography to be rounded, reflecting both maternity and the warm, human character of the services offered. The circle surrounding the logo symbolizes the amniotic sac, representing a protective cocoon for babies. The umlaut (tréma) found in the company name and imagery represents the two chromosomes determining male or female sex. Each element was carefully crafted to imbue the business with distinct character and personality, setting it apart from direct competitors.

Web Creation

The user experience of the website was paramount for our clients at Institut Maïa. As young entrepreneurs, they are attuned to the latest trends and know exactly what they want to highlight and convey to visitors during their time on the website. We therefore emphasized every detail, from animations to integrating the branding colors, selecting images, designing buttons, optimizing navigation, showcasing the online store, and presenting the team. The result is a site that exudes a smooth, gentle feel with carefully chosen colorful accents.

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Web Creation
Strategy and Social Media

To better understand the target audience and guide the development of the brand image and website, it was crucial for us to grasp the demographics and behaviors of our target clientele. Furthermore, to anchor our brand awareness campaign on tangible elements, we defined the socio-demographic profile, identified the customer base's geographic territory, and quantified the cost of acquisition. To introduce the new business, we focused our communication on highlighting its avant-garde nature, use of cutting-edge technology, and the sensory experience offered to parents.

Strategy and Social Media
Strategy and Social Media
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