Head of Strategy and Marketing Department

Expertise, strategy, and pizza sauce

Patrick is our dynamic team leader in the strategy department. He embodies a spirit of self-directed learning, always seeking new knowledge to enrich his expertise. With a passion for collaborative work, he excels in leading teams. His ability to unite individual strengths towards common goals makes him an inspiring leader within the agency.

Not afraid of the unknown and wild adventures, this also reflects in his professional approach where he isn’t afraid to step out of his comfort zone to explore new ideas.

Beyond his role as a team leader, Patrick is a true chef! He claims to cook pizzas that could make Italian chefs jealous, especially with his secret tomato sauce.

With Patrick at the helm, our team benefits not only from his strategic expertise but also from his enthusiasm for continuous learning and culinary talent, creating a perfect synergy to successfully tackle challenges.


  • Communication
  • Media buying
  • Data analysis
  • Research and analysis
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