Web Developer

And here comes… Manu!

Manu is the first woman to join our web development team, and it didn’t take long for her to become one of the guys. A feminine perspective in a world where unfortunately there are still too few women is truly refreshing. Our new coding master hails from Grenoble, France, and studied at HÉTIC, a school dedicated to the web. She later joined Mention, a French company recognized among the global leaders in media monitoring. Being part of this elite group has allowed her to learn the best practices from industry leaders. When assigned a project, there’s no need to worry—her work method is spot-on, as the French say. She is extremely focused, and not the slightest detail escapes her attention. Contrary to popular belief about people in web development, Manu is incredibly sociable, and it’s easy to connect with her. Who knows, maybe it’s because her hometown is near Champagne!


  • Front-end programming
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