Graphic and Web Designer

Creative Virtuoso (Fashionably Inclined)

A dedicated fashion enthusiast and football lover from France, Maël brings a unique flair to our team as a graphic designer. Gifted with an innovative spirit and the ability to think outside the box, he eagerly tackles all kinds of challenges.

In addition to his design talents, Maël excels in the art of illustration, aiming to bring creative concepts to life with agility and exceptional visual flair. Maël began his journey with Les Manifestes as a freelancer, infusing each project with his fresh perspective and contagious energy.

We’re proud to have Maël as part of Les Manifestes, where his talent, creativity, flexibility (and passion for fashion) brighten our days. We look forward to seeing where his creative ideas and love for challenges will take us next.


  • Responsive design
  • Interface design
  • Graphic design
  • Brand image
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