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In the post-pandemic period, it's quite a challenge for Clip 'n Climb franchises in Laval and Brossard to regain momentum and position themselves at the forefront in people's minds. It's often in times like these that there's a temptation to cut back on marketing, when in fact, we should be doing the opposite. Fortunately, the owners of both centers understand this well, which is why they have engaged our services.

The strategy

This is precisely the type of project that excites our strategists. We're talking about an annual mixed marketing strategy, backed by a substantial advertising budget and complemented by relational marketing.

The campaign

As in any well-crafted campaign, it's essential to have a common thread in both messaging and visuals. Drawing inspiration from the world of climbing, we have created a graphic environment that honors and enhances the brand.

Media placement

From national media display ads to social media and Google Ads, we aimed broadly yet precisely to reach our targets. Focusing on both brand awareness and customer acquisition, we started by carefully segmenting our audiences and understanding the competition.

Media placement
Cible sombreStatistics

Since we always aim to measure the return on every dollar invested, it's crucial to diligently track the performance of our campaigns through a dashboard. This allows us to react promptly, adjust our course if needed, or simply gain deeper insights into user behavior. In strategy, you can never have too much data!

The web

Giving love to our landing pages is essential for the success of our campaigns. It's crucial to be relevant and ensure that our content perfectly aligns with what users are searching for.

The web
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