Digital Marketing Strategist

The Digital Explorer: Between Nature and Marketing

With a spirit of learning and self-taught determination, Virginie is convinced that there are no problems that cannot find an answer in a YouTube video.

Recently integrated into the agency’s strategy department, she stands out for her insatiable curiosity and passion for her profession, making her an indispensable creative force in the field of digital marketing. Her smooth communication and enthusiasm for teamwork enrich our professional environment.

Virginie has distanced herself from urban life to discover the serenity of the region, an escape that also attempts to calm the whirlwind of her daily marketing life. She enjoys sharing her love for nature, running, and the outdoors with those willing to listen.

With Virginie by our side, our team benefits not only from her expertise in digital marketing but also from her positive energy and zest for life, creating a dynamic and inspiring atmosphere.


  • Communication
  • Media buying
  • Data analysis
  • Research and analysis
  • Search Engine Optimization
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