Front-End Developer

Perseverance and Chocolate

Before joining our team, Imane explored the world of freelancing, gaining valuable experience and developing a passion for independence. It was the call of a close-knit team sharing its goals and values that led her to Les Manifestes.

It’s impossible to talk about Imane without mentioning her love for chocolate. For her, this delicious pleasure can be compared to work where each new challenge must be savored slowly to bring out the best and have the chance to flourish. This passion for chocolate also resonates in her career as a Front-End designer at Les Manifestes. Just as she savors every nuance and texture of chocolate, Imane approaches each project with meticulous attention, striving to create visual experiences that are as rich and delightful.

Beyond her uniqueness and unique gastronomic preferences, Imane is a valuable member of our team. She brings a breath of fresh air, positivity, and perseverance to our daily lives. We are delighted to have her with us and look forward to seeing how she continues to brighten our days.


  • Interface design
  • Front-end programming
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