Coordinator in Management

Olivia wears many hats!

It was while managing her own equestrian center that Olivia fused her entrepreneurial spirit with her love for horses and business. However, in the agency, Olivia chose to deploy her skills in administration. A true jack-of-all-trades by nature, she leverages her multiple talents in finance, human resources, and accounting exceptionally well for the agency. Actively participating in improving our processes, we consider ourselves lucky to have Olivia!

As a dedicated member of our team, she brings dynamism and a sharp sense of doing things well to her role. Her love for public interaction is reflected in her approach to professional relationships, making her a valuable and appreciated collaborator by all.

Olivia embodies the perfect blend of entrepreneurial determination and passionate commitment to the well-being of Les Manifestes and their clients, seamlessly fitting into our team.


  • Communication
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