This year, for our 10th anniversary
we're revisiting childhood!

It was during a cocktail event on August 26, 2022, that we invited families, friends, and clients to celebrate our 10th anniversary. Emotions filled the air throughout the event, with countless congratulations from everyone. We are extremely proud of what we have become in the last 10 years: a creative, dynamic agency where the team is at the heart of all projects.

We are excited for what lies ahead and for the continuity of our projects. Without a doubt, we have a future that is more than promising!

Les manifestesCible sombre
Eric Léger qui parleHumain qui regarde et ecouteEdith Courval qui parleLes 3 boss

Because things don't always go as planned,
here's a little excerpt of the funniest
moments edited out of the final cut

Cible sombre


We take advantage of our 10th anniversary to thank our valuable clients who allow us to evolve as a company and our loyal suppliers whom we can always count on. Also, this celebration could not have been as grand without our wonderful team. In fact, it has grown a lot in 10 years! We are now 11 involved and dedicated individuals who continue to write the history of Les Manifestes.